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【A beautiful sight awaits you once you reach your goal】

Let’s talk about life with this photo, okay? Going up and down the stairs, isn’t it like life? At the start of your journey, there is this eagerness to continue going up to reach the goal as soon as possible. However, halfway through a long winding stair, you’d start to question yourself depression and anxiety sets in. You notice how the rock, that’s just in your line of sight. You sigh to yourself and feel like you can’t go further anymore. However, by that time your friends have caught up with you. They push you, re-energize you do go further. Not only friends, but partners or strangers that are walking up the same path. This scenario repeats again and again until you reach the top.

Now, take a look at this photo. Remember that scene when the rock was still at your line of sight. It has transformed into something else, after reaching your goal, you see a beautiful rock garden. That’s something you won’t see if you didn’t push through. You praise yourself, “Hey you! Look at that you’ve finally reached your goal! You succeeded!”.

But, I don’t think that’s the only form of success though. If you didn’t enjoy those moments walking together and knowing those who were with you during your journey, it probably wouldn’t be as fulfilling. I mean, going up the stairs of life with someone is already a form of goal and that’s a form of success, too. Having fun while we can is also a goal.