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What “No Reaction” Means? – This Is What Happens When People Give Up Expecting


Every day, we are bombarded with a lot of unbelievable news relating to fraud, swindling, slush funds, fake marriages, illegal receipt of livelihood protection, etc. The list goes on and on, and they vary widely.


Sometimes, the reader may think, “What happened to the result of the investigation? Why does the media not trace or condemn this criminal?” There may be many why’s and how’s on the readers minds pertaining to the media and how it deals with the pressing issues.


To tell the truth, regardless of how much negative feelings we have towards dishonest or unfaithful news, these suspects can still wriggle out of being arrested or being punished. This has been proven in many cases in the past.


Even though notorious incidents become viral and spread like wildfire at the time, gradually, as time passes by, they are covered up by other more sensational issues and they gradually fade, so people forget them eventually or perhaps let go of it.


But actually, they don’t forget the unacceptable or unforgivable cases. People know they exist and there is still justice among them, but, they just gave up their expectations from the society or media.


They know sometimes the media tends to be biased and just focuses on one side and ignore the opposite side. What’s even worse, some try to distort facts that they release to the public to manipulate public opinion into where they want it to be. Readers, listeners are already aware of that. They just don’t trust the media anymore, and that’s it.


“No reaction towards these cases” doesn’t manifest that there is no objection, they just give up expecting anything good from the media.


 I have sympathy towards the media. Someone once said that there are some cases in which bigwigs or VIP members are involved and even the media can’t continue to research no matter how much they want to pursue and research the news. In this case, “the truth” and “the real criminal” can’t be exposed to the public…gradually they will avoid getting involved in those cases…I guess some people in power like to take certain news networks under their wing.