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To Stop Being Annoyed Over Things Is Like Playing Whack-a-mole


There are some people who have faced fearful or traumatic problems such as getting stalked by an ex-spouse or ex-lover.


It is said that unexpected annoying problems may be brought to us by annoying people. These people are usually egocentric and have abnormal thoughts or mindsets which leads them to do the things that can threaten our peace. In such cases, we should deal with it, one problem at a time, like playing whack-a-mole.


This can be exhausting, so we should be mentally prepared that if in case we can’t have a fair argument with these people, we’ll still have to handle things patiently. Sometimes, some of them will end up attacking again and again, or becoming stalkers in order to have it their way or fulfill their desires.


“Ignorance” may help, but only to a certain extent. Worse, ignoring them sometimes makes them more aggressive.


We may wish to use a bomb in these cases to be rid of a situation in one go.
But…. we should also take accountability for allowing these people in our lives in the first place.


It’s like we’re reaping what we sow, meaning that our actions also have consequences. In order for us to resolve a situation rather than use a bomb, we must exercise patience. Like using weights to strengthen our muscles we use our mind to exercise our ability to tolerate people whilst keeping our mental composure. Instead of using our physical strength we must use our wit and intellect to eliminate one trouble at a time.


We should know that there is no easy answer unfortunately like the use of a bomb to block or exclude these people who cause us such stress and anxiety… These kinds of people will continue to attack us having no boundary of when to stop. It is likely we have all encountered one of these people in our lives. They can take many different forms and can cause stress for different reasons.


One example is that person who always needs to “borrow” money, however the money is never given back to you and they always need more. If you continue to help, that person will exploit your kindness and come back again and again. This can leave you feeling taken advantage of and used. Like a whack a mole you must be active in responding to these people as soon as possible saying ‘no’. Create these boundaries quickly to prevent them from being broken.