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The Dark Side of Career Advancement – Dance with Shadows and the Fate that Awaits


Have you ever come across those kinds of people who pull others down by snatching away their successes, and they shift the blame for their own mistakes onto others? They are like the dark shadows of success, aren’t they? To reach success we have to navigate around these kinds of people lurking in the shadows waiting to step on us. Now, let’s ponder what fate awaits them on their twisted journey.


These types of people will stop at nothing and use any means necessary to get ahead? They strengthen their position by framing others so they look like a hero. Their success may be fleeting or only temporary. But, let’s give them a sarcastic round of applause for managing to advance their careers by robbing the success of their hardworking colleagues. Bravo! They’ve surely received cold and icy applause from many.


Their success is devoid of genuine talent and skill, and sooner or later, their true colors will be revealed. They may face criticism and social sanctions from the many people they have harmed in their careers. Trust and credibility are far from their mind. They don’t acquire any of those virtues at all, do they? Snatching others’ achievements with incredibly good skill and masterfully passing their own failures to someone else is truly an artistic act of malice. However, like any form of art, their evil performance will eventually come to an end.


Their fate can be summed up in one word: “loneliness.”


The relationships they’ve built on unreasonable and illogical practices are fragile so their comrades/colleagues will eventually desert them. No one can keep up false pretenses for long. They will be met with cold stares from those around them, and their credibility will plummet to the ground.


If they realize their foolishness and unfaithfulness, reflect on their actions, and change their ways, then their life might take a turn for the better. But, regaining lost trust and credibility will require far more effort and struggle than they could have ever imagined. It is not easy to build trust once it has been destroyed.


Remember, work is rarely accomplished alone. The majority of it depends on the cooperation and teamwork of others.


Those who trample over others to climb the ladder will find themselves devoid of any cooperation. What awaits them at the top is not a sense of achievement, but rather a profound sense of loneliness.


It’s true that career advancement is something everyone desires, but it’s important to consider the bigger picture of life. “Accomplishments and promotions” are only temporary phases and the celebration will eventually die down. Whether we achieve it through ethical means or through a deceitful path, it will significantly impact our future and our self image. So, let’s strive for success through ethical means and not let ourselves go down a dark side to earn success.