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Noisy Kids from Others Are Not Cute?! Finding Beauty in Unexpected Places


Children are generally adorable, right? Their smiles and unpredictable actions often make us feel warm inside. But what happens when other people’s kids are being loud and disruptive? Can we still find unruly children cute in every situation as well?


Let’s think about the places where we find peace and quiet, like studying or reading a book in a tranquil library or a cozy café. Suddenly, a rambunctious child appears. Do you still feel like children are cute or not?


Imagine that we are in a movie theater where everyone waits until the film begins. And then, some noisy children are running around, talking loudly, and noisily opening snack packets. It would surely make my heart scream in frustration if I were in this situation.


However frustrating some children might be, young children do have astonishing abilities to positively impact our days. Because of their innocence and honesty, they can say and do some adorable things that surprise us and make us smile. They might approach some stranger and say, “Auntie, would you like to eat some candy? This to for you, auntie!” This would surely bring a smile to anyone. Or when you’re stressed out from work and feeling irritated on your way home, you might come across a child’s adorable dance that instantly soothes your soul.


Surely, their parents are exhausted by their children’s behaviors and taking care of them, but through the hard times of parenthood they will find happiness and joy even in those stressful moments. Despite being noisy and lacking manners, children’s hearts are pure and sincere. As adults, we are mature and can embrace and transform our negative feelings, possibly caused by children, and turn it into laughter! If we do so, our day will go smoothly and our future may be bright!


Children, even if they are loud and lack manners, definitely have the power to touch our hearts. Let’s develop our narrow mind to see beyond the noise and disruptions and appreciate the unique and quirky sense of humor that children bring to our lives.


Although some children are very noisy, it doesn’t mean they are bad. Sometimes their behaviors look bad, but they are pure and honest and don’t have the ability to manage their emotions like adults. Adults should have a broader mind because we have the capability to choose many ways to make ourselves happy and calm; we can do more than children can in difficult situations. How we react towards other people’s children will affect what kind of person we will become in old age. We can allow children to keep us young at heart or we can turn into a grumpy old grouch.


Easily said than done – meaning it sounds easy when talking but it can be a real challenge when dealing with unruly children, but I believe it’s worth trying to be patient.