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“No Reaction” Means Giving Up Having a Good Relationship


Every day, we are bombarded with a lot of stressful things relating to work, neighborhood, romantic relationship, friends, etc. The list goes on and on, and they vary widely.


Sometimes, we may think, “Why should I deal with this problem? Why me?” or “It is her problem, not mine, why should I be blamed?” There may be many why’s we ask ourselves daily.


Regardless of how many times we have negative feelings towards the people who bring stress or frustration in our lives, don’t let it stop you from being self-reflective and to continue to develop yourself.


There are some people who never reflect on their role with any issues and always blame others. No matter how much time we devote to talking through problems with these types of people, they will run away from their responsibilities, the reality and never admit to their role in bad situations.


Truly, we are prone to reacting to negative attitudes such as anger or jealousy from other people. This behavior may be based on the theory “An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth”. We might get upset and angry as a response to the other individual getting angry towards us.


But, Shaka once said that a wise person will not take the negative attitude from others upon ourselves. If we don’t take the negative energy such as complaining, their anger, etc. and instead, ignore nor react towards them; then, we will not be affected by their behavior.


Everyone justifies their actions to themselves. Everyone has their own idea of justice in them. So, it’s really difficult to change others’ perspectives or behaviors.


“No reaction towards these people” might be a good way to protect ourselves. And, just give up expecting anything good from them.