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Our Society’s Inequality


There are 196 countries in the world, categorized according by level of development – developed and developing countries. Based on statistics, it is said that more than 60% of the countries are categorized as developing, which means they may need assistance from other countries in order to grow.


Many people may think, “Our world must be equal,” or “How can we battle the world’s inequalities and prejudices?” In my personal opinion, we can’t do away with either. It is impossible to totally eliminate these for good.


The first reason is because, as the human population grew exponentially, we reached a point where there has become food scarcity and shortages, as well as a wide range of environmental problems. Humans need food, shelter, natural resources, such as clean air and water, in order to thrive. The more these scarcities accelerates, the harsher the battle is for people to get their hands on these limited resources. Unfortunately, some are able to get more while others don’t get any at all. And that’s how it has always been.


The second reason is because humans are not robots nor exact clones of each other so we each succeed at different levels. Each person thinks differently, has unique perspectives, skillsets and even connections. What some can do may be different from what others can do. Ultimately, it will end with unequal opportunities for everyone and constant competitiveness among people. These inequalities eventually results in income disparity, different educational backgrounds, different social status and roles in society, which keeps our societies farther away from the concept of “Equality”.


Lastly, people were born differently. We came from different origins. Even those who have a similar level of skill sets and intelligence may grow up within different socioeconomic classes because of their family backgrounds. Some were born from poor parents while others were born with a silver spoon in their mouth and have every opportunity handed to them easily. This is inevitable as we don’t live in a communist society. In such cases, inequality already existed on the day the person is born.


Considering the points above, as long as the essentials for living are limited then there will always be conflict and battles, and in the end we will have inequality as the bottom line. But, humans are all different. We also have different ways to react with the world’s inequalities. On the positive note, emotional motivation, such as fierce competitions and inequalities, have forced us to grow, develop and evolve into better people. We can’t eliminate inequality totally, but we can learn to live with it and use it to push us to be better and help each other out. This is the most important key for living peacefully in this unjust world.


Greed and evolution are both two sided coins.

Greed leads people to evolve.