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Why We Shouldn’t Kill People?


At some point in a person’s life, they might have thought, “I want to kill that guy!” The reason someone may think such a thought can come from various issues related to money, business, fraud, problems in romantic relationships, annoying neighbors, etc.


Of course, it’s common knowledge that we must not kill anyone. It’s written in our constitution and instilled in our moral values. But, did we ever ask why?


One reason is “It is banned under the law,” meaning it’s illegal or unlawful.


Logically speaking, some people will say that life is precious and everyone has the basic right to live. But, I’m having second thoughts if the life of extremely devilish and inhumane people like serial killers, terrorists, mass murderers, etc., are considered “precious”. Does each person’s life really have equal importance and significant in a society corrupted by evil people? Even evil people are loved by someone and are precious to them. 


Let me critique the law. If there is no law banning “killing people”, then there is nothing to guarantee everyone’s safety. We can’t eat food because it may be dosed with poison. We can’t walk outside freely on the streets or take public transportation because someone might just kill us out of the blue. Even in the comfort of our homes we can lose our sense of safety as someone might break in and attack us. Imagining these scenarios, it makes me think how terrible life would be if it becomes that corrupt. It’s like everyday is a battle to protect your own life.


Why we live comfortably and in peace is because we are protected by the law. So we don’t kill someone, not only because it is written in the constitution or because of our fear of punishment, but also to protect ourselves from revenge that may be sought for the persons death. Everyone has a right to live a life free of fear of one’s own safety.


Of course, there are ruthless people whom we might think have no right to live. However, by law, everyone still has the same rights. We cannot kill just because we consider someone’s life unworthy.


Nature will take its course and give them what they deserve in due time. As they say, do your best, and let the heavens do the rest.