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Neighborhood problems are similar to problems in a company


Generally speaking, “living in a luxurious condominium unit” is a life dream, but it also brings about various problems because sharing a building with different people can potentially bring about difficulties/challenges. Although the units are separated from each other, there are many families and lives together living variously, so “life styles” differ, too.


I thought I was happy after purchasing my condominium unit and felt blessed with a quiet, tranquil and spacious home with my husband. But, after only one day, a young couple with their 4-year old child, moved-in to the apartment above. We have been stressed out ever since by their little boy’s loud footsteps. The sound of his footsteps echoes like an elephant stomping. We have consulted with the condominiums’ management, taken records, held three-party meetings, and filed multiple complaints and consultations.


Truly, the parents seem to be cooperative, but it appears the small child doesn’t listen and obey his parents; leaving me to keep enduring the dreadful situation.


In the morning, the intense sound of footsteps starts around 7 a.m., so I cannot enjoy a good morning. In the evening, it starts from 8 p.m. and disturbs my peace and quiet, intermittently, all evening. Sometimes the noise starts up again consistently at the worst time – after 11 p.m. When my endurance reaches my limits, my frustration builds which leads me to have an angry outburst and storm upstairs to their door, but, so far, I’ve regained my composure and haven’t made a scene.

This situation feels like I’m in a dark tunnel with no visible exit and I can’t see any silver lining.


It is very quiet while the child is at kindergarten. However, the sound of running in the hallway after I hear the door open, makes me sick and I think, “Oh, they’re back already… $%#&.”


The situation is causing my mood to drop dramatically throughout the day and gives me high stress.

“I want to move out, but I bought this condominium already so I’m tied here for now.” Unfortunately, I even regret buying this home.


In the midst of my struggles, I am making an effort to change my mindset a little. The young couple are not bad people and rather cooperative. However, they may be a little short-sighted, lacking in imagination, or even lacking in common sense. Of course, I understand how difficult raising a child is, especially for women who work outside the home and then do house chores. I feel like a boss who is stressed out by subordinates.


I’m questioning myself, “Hasn’t the noise of the child’s running footsteps weakened compared to before? Yes, it has!” If I stand in the boss’s shoes, I can think, “My subordinates, the upstairs neighbor, have matured a little and I expect the future to be peaceful and quiet. My complaints may be helping them grow in this stressful society.”


In the workplace, both boss and subordinate should grow in their positions. The boss needs to learn how to direct their staff and prevent “harassments” from occurring by keeping a watchful eye. It would be great if neighbors could interact in a similar way – improve, step by step and little by little with each other. We just need “time” to learn and adjust.


Remember, every difficult situation can be a present or a test from the Gods. If we get over hurdles, we will be promoted and go on to the next wonderful stage in life!