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What Mirrors Our Life Style?


 The images of the trees reflected on the surface of the lake is like a mirror.

One’s appearance often reveals their lifestyle. This is especially true for people in their 40s and 50s because their facial expressions describe very clearly how they live. As we get older, our physical appearance reflects our environment and life style choices more noticeably.


For instance, our confidence level can be observed in our gait, while our shoes often reveal our taste and sense of style; and our hair can indicate how much importance we give to hygiene.


Moreover, stress can leave marks on our skin. Even if someone wears expensive clothes or a worn-out pair of shoes, a person’s poor posture can give away their true personality.


After all, one’s appearance can often mirror their inner essence.

How we take care of ourselves always shows and reveals our priorities. Good hygiene and dressing professionally will be an expression of the order of our mind.