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The language of camellia flowers-Learning From A Japanese Folktale “Kaguya-hime”


The language of camellia flowers is said to show a sense of “modest and unpretentious beauty”, despite their vivid appearance.


There’s a hidden meaning behind this flower which is a Japanese saying,  “能ある鷹は爪を隠す:A skilled hawk hides its talons.” When this Japanese phrase is translated into English it means – “A person with talent usually hides their best abilities,” or “a wise man keeps a still tongue.”


A truly beautiful person possess an inner beauty that reaches a depth beyond expressions through clothing or makeup. By the way, there happens to be a single petal that has fallen into the bamboo, it remind me of the tale of Kaguya-hime.



The Tale of Kaguya-hime is a famous Japanese folktale about a bamboo cutter who discovers a tiny girl inside a bamboo stalk. He takes her home and raises her as his own daughter. She is so beautiful that many men come to see her to propose marriage. On this earth, she experiences many difficulties, sadness, heartbreaks, etc. As she grows up, she learns that she is a princess from the moon and must return to her true home. Kaguya-hime is eventually taken back to the moon by her family.


Kaguya-hime is sent from the heavenly world to the earthly world and has to go through these various experiences and hardships. However, she adapts to them and lives her life fruitfully. We can learn a lot of lessons from this folktale. It is important to accept that life is constantly changing, so we need to adapt to those changes.


Another lesson we can learn is about happiness. Kaguya-hime obtains many treasures and fame, but it does not appear to make her happy. In the end, what Kaguya-hime chooses is to live the life she truly desires and it isn’t about chasing treasures or fame. We can learn the lesson that material wealth, status, fame, etc. do not always bring about happiness in life. The fulfillment in her life came from family. Happiness varies for each person. Most of us find happiness when we are at peace. Financial stability, health, a tranquil home life, respectful partners, etc. may seem small but they’re largely impactful aspects in life that bring happiness. Perhaps when we feel unhappy about something, we can remember these small areas in our life that bring us back to our happy place.