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Why People Hardly Win the Lottery?


In Japan, some people enjoy buying lottery tickets and watching the draw on the last day of the year. More often than not, they will lose and might start questioning themselves, “Why didn’t I win?” Most people lose as the chances of winning a lottery is very very slim. But there are definitely some people who are lucky enough to beat the odds, win it, and take home a huge sum of money.


In the spiritual realm, it is said that there are some common features or characteristics of those who become lottery winners. For example, diligent people who display self-discipline such as someone who always keeps the room clean. Another common characteristic is those who often visit shrines but not for their own personal gains – they show appreciation and thanksgiving of things that they have in their life. Moreover, there are also people who possess self-control. They can recognize clearly the things they want verses need, and they are able to control themselves from spending money on unnecessary things.


I know winning the lottery must be dictated by luck. But, it doesn’t always bring us happiness, does it? In the worst cases, winning that much money may even ruin a person’s life. There have been cases where winners have their lottery winnings taken away from them due to fraud, deception of conmen or even unfaithful people. It is well known that money is like a magnet that attracts bad people. The more money you have, the more you are likely to be approached by greedy people in an attempt to benefit themselves from your money, or worst, steel it all from you. “Money is the root of all evil” is an English proverb. Meaning that money can either change a person to become bad or it can attract bad people into your life.


Figuratively speaking, winning the lottery doesn’t always mean winning actual money. Lottery can also be used to represent things that people desire or have a great amount of that’s more important than money – family, relationships or career. So, if you are happy and fulfilled with your family, then it means you won the lotter – family lottery. If you are satisfied with your job, it shows you won the jackpot in the work lottery. Similarly, if you are surrounded by good people, you must have won the relationship lottery.


Likewise, there are many lotteries which make us feel happy. It can be any aspect of our lives, other than money. If we are fixated on only winning money and only put our time into buying lottery tickets, we will never win it. We shouldn’t be narrow minded and self-centered which is what we become when we focus too much on becoming wealthy.


The bottom-line is this: everyone must have wone a lottery, at some points in their lives, – money, family, job, skills, house, properties and many more. Your friend may win a money lottery, but she possibly has lost a family lottery. Life is like a wave, it has its peaks and troughs. Sometimes, you’re on top, and sometimes in the low. With this, the happiest people are usually the ones who find themselves happy even though they don’t have a lot or might even lack some fancy possessions.