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What Lucky People Do


I don’t think there is anyone born with eternal luck.

No one’s lucky forever just by sitting on a couch and not doing anything.


It’s very normal for us to experience both good and bad luck on a day to day basis.

Although, there are some people who seem to be showered with luck more than others. I found some key traits connected to lucky people.


First of all, they are the optimistic type. They have positive perspectives, and tend to smile all the time. I think smiles are contagious. It brings on another smile from others, just like a domino effect. This incessant smile-to-smile cycle will make everyone feel happier.


Secondly, lucky people are usually active. They know that staying active and learning is a much better way to spend their time than being a couch potato and just lazing around. Even though failures come, they find the silver lining and turn failures into learning a lesson. They are full of actions, instead of words, because they know moving actively and being proactive brings fun into their lives. At the end of the day, they reap more benefits than those who don’t do anything proactively.


Thirdly, lucky people are appreciative. They appreciate everything – the small and the big. Even if they lose or break something, such as a mobile phone, accessories or precious items, they still keep a positive mindset. When they lose something, they just think to themselves, “Oh, it sacrificed itself to save me.” Or, when they are hurt, they stay positive and tell themselves, “Oh, I’m lucky to be alive.” Even when they make mistakes, they may think, “It’s a good chance for me to reflect on myself”. Then after much thought and self-reflection, they level up to the next stage in their life.


How people live, see and react to the world is what makes someone either lucky or unlucky. It’s all up to us and our perspective.