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Maybe You Are Totally Right, But There Might Be Things Better Left Unsaid

This photo illustrates “A wise monkey speaks no evil.” As you can see, the monkey covers its mouth with a hand, which is like “not saying anything.”


Everyone has a sense of what justice is within themselves. Each person has its own definition of what’s good and bad, just or unjust. Although society sometimes dictates what’s justified, ultimately, the meaning of justice still lies in each person’s perception. Even though some people do things not realizing its wrong, they believe and stand firm that what they are doing isn’t wrong but right. Their actions are justified in their minds. “Justice” cannot be defined in just one manner, and varies greatly from person to person. What’s right for me isn’t always right for others, and vice versa.


In some situations, we are prone to saying things that we think are totally reasonable and want to advocate our own opinions and perspectives. Some people, may even use “justice” as a weapon. In Japan, there is a phrase people use which is translated to literally mean “justice is a weapon.”


Life isn’t always a piece of cake, and we may get caught in illogical situations or problems, more often than not. In such cases, we have a tendency to insist our opinions and perspective are correct and 100% logical. But I believe that human relationship problems are far from simple. There are most likely more than one viewpoint for “justice” among our relationships with each other.


So, sometimes, staying mum, or “not saying anything” can shield us from adding more stress to a dreadful problem because you will not always have everybody’s agreement or approval on your side of the story. Some people would also insist on only their side and views of what is justice. It would be impossible to sit with them and have a logical discussion on different opinions. These people aren’t usually capable of putting themselves in others’ shoes. They lack empathy.


There is a proverb which goes, “The wise man keeps away from danger”. Similarly, it is better not to discuss anything with these types of people. The more you discuss, the more close-minded they may become and in the end, you will never come to a settlement. What’s worse, you may even be affected negatively – feeling dragged down to the pits. Involving yourself is such danger may destroy your future.


Having no reaction towards these people who only care about justice for themself and “leaving things unsaid,” will protect you. You will become a better version of yourself and pave the way for yourself to level-up and will find progression in life.