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Luxury Can Even Numb People


When you stay at a luxurious hotel, your excitement level tends to rise on the first day, and you might even spend a few days feeling tremendously special. However, if you stay for several months, the luxuriousness fades, the feelings you first felt at the hotel starts to feel normal, and the days may even begin to feel boring at times.


Generally speaking, all people deal with various problems, but some have luxurious, first-world problems.


For example: the inconvenience of meeting with a boyfriend or fighting over trivial matters with a husband, would be considered a luxurious problem for those who don’t have a partner or can’t find their Mr. Right.


Troubles that arise with neighbors, especially for residents of a condominium, can be considered as luxurious problems to people who can’t afford to buy a home.


Problems commuting to work every day or issues at work are problems unemployed people may envy of those who have a job.


To begin with, the problems for people mentioned above are a part of everyday life. People take the good aspects of life for granted too often, and assume that “tomorrow” will always come. Some people may die tomorrow or the day after tomorrow due to health problems or unexpected accidents. People who are struggling to live might envy others who don’t have to fight for their life. The day we are living now could be our last and we might not see tomorrow.


In the end, having a place to live, work, and food to eat are already things that should make us happy. Worries are not so fatal. How luxurious are the problems we worry about?