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Jealousy Will Destroy Your Good Things…


“Jealousy” has two meanings: one is the feeling of envy towards what others have and one doesn’t or it’s resentment towards those who are superior to one, which is often due to a lack of confidence in oneself. The second meaning is commonly seen in romantic relationships where there is a strong desire to possess or control one’s partner, friends or even things; it’s a negative feeling.


Humans are emotional, and negative emotions, like jealousy and anger, can be difficult to eliminate or control. But, we can make these emotions weaker and smaller so they don’t overtake our mental health.


Many people feel jealous of others for various reasons – such as a coworker who earns more, a friend who married a high-value partner, someone who lives in a luxury home, or someone who is blessed with beauty. As for possessiveness, this emotion can manifest a desire for their partner to treat them as special or to avoid contact with other people. In some cases, a woman may become jealous of their husband’s past relationships, and even may want to avoid restaurants where their husband or boyfriend went to with their ex in the past. Or, some women may feel negative emotions if they learn about presents their husband or boyfriend bought their ex in the past.


However, jealousy actually hurts oneself because it implies a belief that one is inferior or unloved. This mindset can also break relationships because the strong emotion may cause ‘saying one word too many’ or taking their jealousy out on others or objects. So, in the end it causes negative impacts.


By recognizing one’s own worth, striving for personal growth, and focusing on what one has in the present moment, then one can weaken these unproductive, negative emotions. Being jealous of a partner’s past is also meaningless. It is only you who can make new memories with him and build future memories. Envying things others possess, such as bags or experiences, are things you can also have or buy in the future. Your future is unlimited, so don’t waste your time fixating on the past and what’s out of your control. You will find peace if you live and enjoy the present moments.