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It’s Okay to Slack Off Sometimes


Even hardworking people who regularly work diligently can sometimes feel unmotivated, especially during lull periods when they are not so busy. The lack of motivation or “lazy” feeling usually stems from physical or emotional exhaustion which leads to feeling lethargic. Human beings are not robots. Unfortunately, we can not plug ourselves into an outlet to re-charge so there are times the lack of energy prevents ourselves from pushing on any further, even if they can usually work hard while sleep deprived. At some point people hit a roadblock if they never rest – mentally or physically. Particularly, rigorious-workers may struggle to slow down and can even fall into self-loathing; unproductive thoughts run through their minds – “I feel lazy today, I can’t get motivated. Ah, I’m wasting my time.” But, what exactly is it that people are wasting?


Please note, of course, that this opinion does not apply to those people who are always slacking off and being NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training). These kinds of people are consistent time-wasters. However, if you are a worker bee and you’ve been hard at work for a while and you’re just having öne-of-those-days and feel like slacking off, then you’re not a slacker and probably just need a day off to regain your energy and motivation. Maybe, these kinds of days are a sign or warning that you need to take a break. Even if you do slack off today, you’ll be able to work hard tomorrow and probably be working better. Of course, taking a day off might cause work to pile up and need to be done on another day. But, don’t you think you can handle it in the future? Don’t forget that it’s important to take care of your mental and physical health, so don’t beat yourself up for having a “slack-off” day once in a while.


On the other hand, you might not like the feeling of being lazy right now. When you’re feeling that way, try changing your “environment” a little or take a short break. Take a walk, move to a different area to work, chat with a colleague, or have an interaction with someone. Changing your surroundings or having a quick chat can be a good way to refresh your mind. If you still feel like slacking off, go ahead and take some time for yourself. Perhaps the Gods are telling you, who usually work the hardest, to “rest now.” If you take a break, you’ll probably find yourself getting back to work soon enough.


Before you know it, you’ll be working hard again, and you’ll realize that it’s almost the end of the workday.


It’s okay to feel a little unmotivated sometimes. The problem is when being lazy becomes a habit and continues day after day, and even for weeks or worse for years. If this starts to happen, then you know there’s a bigger problem in your environment or perspective that you should address. So stay alert to your needs and rest when you need it. You’re health and wellbeing is what’s most important.