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【Even the sky has two faces】

They say a picture says a thousand words. This particular photo caught my attention, the moment I took it. It looks like the heavens split with one side bright blue and the other side a painting of a sad sunset while the middle a sea of cloud that is trying its best to hold together both images.

This reminds me of people. A woman who pretends to be happy on the outside but deep inside she screams for others to take notice of her loneliness, and the hardship she is carrying.

A man who pretends to be gentle and kind on the outside but deep down he’s so emotionally stunted that he is unable to control his anger and selfishness.

What we see isn’t always everything that was what I thought of that moment.

At the moment, we might not be able to fully consolidate these two areas but try to not give up, move forward and let yourself grow maybe in the future when you look back to all those hardships and pretending, you’d realize that you are already that person you want to be.