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【Hokkaido-Otaru canal】

This is a famous canal named “Otaru” located in Hokkaido. It is illuminated at night with street lights. And looking at the reflection of the lights in the water is such a picturesque and peaceful scene.

If you have a chance to go to Otaru, it might also be a good idea to visit the daytime. Then you’ll also know how the daytime view looks like. I bet they’re both amazing in their own opposite ways.


这是在北海道有的非常有名的小樽运河,夜里亮灯的照片。 水面上的倒影也好看得很,跟画一样的美丽,让心里很平静的。如果你有机会去那里,请去看看白天的样子。白天和夜里都很美。