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🌺Everyone Has Worries


In general, everyone has worries, no matter how tough they appear.


Mainly, our worries are divided into three types. One is relationships, including relationships at work, school and romantic partners. Another type is worrying about our health. And lastly, people worry about money.


Among the three, what worries me most often is “relationships,” both among my co-workers and in romance. There will always be people who annoy me and disturb my concentration at work, as everyone is different. I still don’t have any solutions on how to deal with difficult people.


Some might face money-related problems. For example, a woman might worry about her husband, who can’t stop borrowing money to buy things he cannot afford in order to keep his social status, even though he’s buried in debt .


Others worry about health, whether it’s their own health, their family’s or partner’s health. Even though the medical field is technologically-advanced and continues to move forward, not all cases are a 100% guarantee nor is there a cure for all diseases. Moreover, as the world advances, more and more life-threatening diseases continue to evolve. I, myself, worry about asthma because it takes ages to find relief from the symptoms and I continuously cough whenever I have a sudden attack. It’s such an inconvenience.


My point is that it is difficult for other people around us to understand our own personal worries. Each of us have something that causes us to worry. Life is a matter of minding our own worries.


But fret not, our worries may be a stepping stone in the process of changing our lives, as long as we overcome these worries positively. Worries can stimulate change, and change – if taken correctly – is the key to our success. We can use our worries to motivate us to find problems and make necessary changes in our life


So, I will never give up, and I hope you don’t either, until I can learn something from my dark and horrifying worries.