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Why Some Women Choose Hopeless Guys?


There are countless ways to define what a hopeless guy is and this term might mean different things to different people. But, more often than not, I hear the term “unfaithful” being used?


In a relationship, being unfaithful doesn’t only mean cheating on your partner. A partner can be unfaithful in many ways, such as the classic two-timing partners, or being unfaithful to financial responsibilities like those who are drowning in debt and making over-the-top demands for money. There are also those who are unfaithful in showing care and respect, such as those who abuse their partners physically and mentally. Not forgetting, those that constantly tell lies without an ounce of guilt or remorse and never take responsibility for their own actions.


All of the above is being unfaithful in one way or another to their words and promises that they spin in the early stages of a relationship. The unfaithfulness and hopelessness of some partners vary in so many degrees.


Some women will experience even more traumatic things such as being stalked by these men, even after the relationship is over. It’s really difficult to cut ties with them especially after dating for a long time or even getting married to them.


So why do they choose these types of men knowing that we may never find true happiness with these guys? The answer might be that we tend to idealise the relationship based on how it starts out. Some people who experience a glimpse of happiness in the beginning will immediately think that it will always be like this & they commit to pursuing their happy ending, much to their regret & dismay in the future.


Generally speaking, moderate, graceful and elegant people will take the time to build a healthy relationship. Breaking the relationship for strong-minded people is as easy as the wind blows, but building trust needs time because there are many processes involved when getting to know each other deeply.


Some people are prone to being in a hurry to choose a partner, especially when they are going through a dreadful time. When this happens, they tend to make the wrong choice and go for unfaithful people who may put on a good front in the beginning, as these types of people normally provide “temporary ecstasy” or “ thrilling feelings of joy”. For those who are mentally weaker at that time, these feelings can be really addictive. This fleeting feeling misleads them to believe easily, like an “illusion”.


I can say, there are many fishes in the sea. There are many suitable and deserving men out there, but you need to take time and look carefully otherwise illusion will deceive you and lead you to become unbelievably unhappy.


Happiness is not gifted to us by other people. It is upon ourselves to bring happiness into our lives. As long as you are rely/dependent on someone, or demand for someone to make you happy, you won’t be able to obtain true happiness. “Happiness brought by other people” can be just skin-deep.


If you have the chance to live alone, you can discover what real happiness is through your independence. And it’s all on you.