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Trash Talk Is a Poison, Similar To Cursing Oneself


As humans normally face tons of problems and troubles, all the stresses can sometimes pile up and accumulate within ourselves, and sit like a volcano waiting to erupt or a ticking timebomb. Some people have different outlets to release this buildup of stress instead of having an outburst. Outburts can take different forms such as talking behind someone’s back which most often occurs when it involves relationship problems, as they are the most challenging and stressful.


So, many people believe that “trash talk” is the most effective way to get things off our chest and feel better.


In some cases, if we have a ‘common enemy”, it is much easier to get along with each other. As the saying goes, “The enemy of my enemy, is my friend.” But wait, let’s consider this friendship. If we dig deeper into the situation we will find that the friendship built is too shallow, it’s skin-deep only, because your only friends due to the common enemy. You probably don’t share any other things in common. As they say, the friendship is as slim as a dumpling wrapper.


Objectively speaking, there are many demerits in trash talk. One obvious reason is we make ourselves look bad, both literally and figuratively, in front of others. You know why? Literally speaking, we generally trash talk with a frown. This behavior can distort our face to the point of making our face ugly or horribly wrinkly. Figuratively speaking, trash talking about others reflects negatively on our behavior, so it also makes our personality and behavior look bad and ugly.


Talking “honestly” does not equate to “having a sharp tongue” and negative talk gives birth to negative people, negative mindsets and perspectives.


I know how difficult and stressful human relationships are and the problems we encounter. I, myself, have been in a number of such problems in the past. But it’s imperative we set our minds to believe that nature will eventually take its course and give them what they deserve in due time. So as I always say, we just have to do our best and let the heavens do the rest.


“Trash talk” can’t solve any of our problems. What’s worse, it will be our downfall. It may ruin our lives in the future.