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Our Faces Can be Our Resume – How We Live Manifests in Our Faces


If you look around, you’ll see that in this world, there will always be many good looking men and women. But, “beautiful faces” doesn’t always translate to “beautiful personality”. It’s not the “face” or facial features but the “facial expressions” can tell what kind of people they are. How someone lives and behaves is engraved on his /her face.


Scientifically speaking, there are more than 30 kinds of muscles in our faces. Different emotions such as “laughing” or “frowning” are manifested on our faces as some of the muscles moved. How we behave can create our faces. Lingering anger will make “angry faces” while depressed feelings may create “sad or frowning faces”.


If a man bullies or abuses other often, we can see from his facial features and will know his evil behavior fixed on his frowning face. If someone does every day skin care and has a beautiful skin, she must be tidy and neat enough to always maintain her room’s cleanliness as well. Conversely, if someone only covers up her face with a heavy makeup, she’s possibly lazy or untidy and doesn’t clean her room at all.


The facial expressions give it all away. It mirrors how a person lives. This is their resume. So if you don’t like your face, don’t blame it on genetics, blame it on your way of life. You might come to a realization that you hate the way you live now.


Photo: A mirror of yourself