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“Oh, I’ve been saved!”


Have you ever been saved by someone or something during an ordinary day? I’m not talking about a big or serious event, such as being rescued from a major disaster or an accident. Have you ever been helped or rescued out of an uncomfortable situation by something or someone near you?


For example, if there’s a water outage, and you happen to find a lot of water in your kettle, then you feel helped. Or, when you forget your money and can’t afford the transportation home, but then accidentally run into your neighbor who kindly offer to pay your way. A more familiar example may come from books. So have you ever  run into a bookstore, and pick up a book at random, and then it ends up changing your way of thinking or values after reading through it.


I sometimes watch dramas, but I avoid “reality shows” because I always think the content is silly and a waste of time. However, once when my husband was on a long business trip and I was feeling lonely in our large dark home, I suddenly felt stressed and depressed. Although I had a lot of house chores, studying to do for my career advancement, and many other things to do, I just couldn’t find the energy to do anything. Perhaps, this is one of the effects of loneliness – feeling lethargic.


While I was dragging my heels and scanning the TV programs, I flipped to a “reality show” and started watching it. It was a compilation of various “clumsy and funny” situations that occurred in Brazil, Japan, China, etc. Everything I saw was hilarious. It made me laugh which I desperately needed at the time.


After that experience, I regained my energy and became myself again. I was grateful for the good timing and felt that I was saved by the TV program – a reality show which I once strongly hated in the past.


“Laughter is the best medicine.” 

Sometimes you need a good laugh to get you out of your mood.