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Gee! I Pulled the Joker! The Old Maid Again…Our Life is Like Playing A Game Of Old Maid


In this world, some people may say something like “At first I thought they looked and seemed nice, and were good people, but they weren’t who I thought they were. Some abused me, lied to me multiple times, stole things from me, and coerced me to get money from me, etc.” Coming across these people is somewhat like picking the only joker in a stack of 52 cards – pretty unlucky.


Some may say it is not un-lucky, and that if you are attracting the attention of a joker it is because you are showing them a weakness they are able to exploit.


Someone once said that our lives will be determined by whoever “pulls the joker” card. There are definitely some people who fall prey to these “jokers”. Unlike a funny harmless joker these people are usually skilled at portraying themselves in a particular way with one aim to take something away from you whether this be materialistic or psychological.


Everyone has the chance to pull the joker in their lives because meeting people is like going around in circles. If we come across the joker disguised as a friend, colleague or even a partner, it can’t be undone or taken back easily.


But, there are definitely some reasons why some people go through the situation of “pulling the joker.”


Generally speaking, when our mental and mind are polluted by strong desires – money, sexual desires, high status, etc., it’s easy to be deceived by bad people because maybe we too are struggling to make the right decisions and a joker can spot that off from a mile away, making you a target.


In Japan, we have a proverb which goes “Look alike get together(類は友を呼ぶ)” that is translated as “Birds of a feather flock together” in English. It can illustrate that your friends are a mirror image of yourself. We can be judged by the people we choose to associate with.


Usually if we meet nasty, unfaithful and hopeless jokers, our minds have the strength and moral compass to keep a good distance from them. By staying clear of these people we ensure our lives are not destroyed or disturbed by the jokers.


So, “pulling the joker” can be our mirror image at that time. If you are making bad decisions and becoming corrupted by the actions of others then it is likely you are mixing with one or even 2 jokers. It is important to recognise this before it is too late.


The best way to avoid being in a situation when we are tempted to pull the card, or in other words, to not associate ourselves with these jokers, is “running away immediately” or “cutting ties with them with strong determination”. Jokers will take advantage of our kindness, weakness and indecisiveness.

Otherwise, the jokers will always just be around the corner and will not leave you easily.


If you live life with morals and values that will not lead you astray it is likely that your paths will never cross with a joker.