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Are You Anxious About Your Future Without a Clear Reason?


Some people may feel uneasy about their vague future.

Many “what ifs” run through their head.

What if I won’t have enough savings in my bank account upon retirement?

What if I won’t ever get married and die alone?

What if I get divorced in my old age?

What if my company goes bankrupt? Will I be able to find another job?

What if.. What if..

People tend to fear life’s uncertainties. And these unanswered questions cause unease and tension among us all.


Generally speaking, if we worry about things we can’t control, it just shows that we take trivial things very seriously. As a result, we tend to feel lingering anxiety towards many subject matters.


“Getting anxious over something” is very common in our day-to-day lives. But, the silver lining is – it can help us be prepared for unexpected bad things that may come our way. It may make us either mentally or physically prepared for such adversities, but most often than not, we keep on wasting our precious time and energy with our unnecessary worries and end up regretting the time lost.


If we want to stop worrying about the uncertainties of our future, we must reprogram our minds. We should keep ourselves busy.

If we worry about things related to our job, then we should work harder than ever to achieve better job security.

If we worry about our married lives, we should contemplate what we can do to take care of our relationships.


It is best to keep doing all the things we can do in the present moment. “The now us” is more important than “the future us” because the “now” is creating our future.


If we focus on the present, we will find worrying unnecessary. We will find a way to always live positively and look at the brighter side of life. If I let my worries occupy my thoughts, I don’t enjoy my experience.


Don’t waste time worrying about bad things that may happen in the future. Just know that if something bad happens, you are capable and able to handle it.


Photo: There is always a silver lining in our lives…