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A Dishonest Person Can’t Live Happily


In this world, we will encounter people who are very cunning, dishonest, self-absorbed and think only of their own personal gains.


One example, in the professional field, is when an employee attempt to steal or take credit for others’ achievements. What’s worse, if others get promoted, out of greed or envy, these dishonest employees will not hesitate to cross or disrupt the promotions. This is somehow related to “crab mentality” or also known as “crab theory,” which means that “If I can’t have it, no one can”.


Another example when you may meet someone with this mentality could be in married life. Some people only think about their own happiness and demand their partners to adjust to them, such as pay for everything and worry about all the household liabilities. These people aren’t willing to contribute a single penny and even worse, they try to rob their partners’ properties just for their own benefit.


These dishonest people appear to be happy with their choices and behavior. Of course there are exemptions wherein some dishonest people have lived happily forever. But, I believe that the world is based on “You reap what you sow”. Eventually, all the bad things they have done will come crawling back to them.


If we only think of ourselves and try to reap the benefits of others work, we will eventually lose precious relationships, especially when we need them the most. It’s not until we are on the brink of death that we will realize how cruel and dreadful the real world is and truly look at ourselves and what we have created. And when all is said and done, we will spend the last moments of our lives in agony, or even in the after life.