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Why Do We Only Have One Mouth?


This is an interesting myth associated with parts of our facial features. We have two eyes to discern things, two ears to differentiate, one nose with two nostrils to distinguish scent. But, why do we only have one mouth? The answer is, it is not there for us to “make excuses.”


Let me share my idea with you. We only have one mouth so we should use it wisely and avoid using it in wrong and unnecessary ways. If we are sorry for what we have said or done, then we will provide a reason to support our narrative. I think this is one of the correct ways to use one mouth, and this can be regarded as “necessary communication.” “Providing a reason” can be regarded as an excuse, but it’s OK as long as there is a logical reason for it. But what if we tell a lie to cover up our mistakes to the point of hurting another person and causing unnecessary problems.

God could possibly take it out on us…


So I strongly believe we have one mouth because we have to take responsibility for what we say.


Generally, one of the main functions of our mouth’s is to communicate with others. But, even though we only have one mouth, there are many more ways we can communicate: put an arm around a shoulder when someone is feeling sad, give applause to admire someone’s success or achievements, a clenched fist slammed on a table to express anger, biting one’s lip when feeling nervous or angry to the point that we are struggling to hold back our strong and possibly offensive words and feelings.


Our actions are perhaps more honest than our words and can often be a more effective means of communication.

In addition, it is often said that the eyes are the window to the soul.

(It is directory translated into “The eyes can tell us more than our mouths(目は口程に物を言う” in Japanese)


In reference to this, why do you think we only have one mouth?