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🌺The Dark Side Of Dating Apps


Dating apps have become more and more popular in Japan. It has a lot of benefits but there are definitely some unacceptable risks using this kind of system. In this essay I will cover the risks involved in using dating apps.


Some people have ulterior motives when using dating sites for unfaithful and self-serving reasons involving sex, pleasure, or money. It’s easy for con men to screen potential targets and victims using dating sites.


People also use dating sites for business scams. It’s not a far-fetched idea that some people will take advantage of these platforms to expand their market and sell their products. There are a variety of areas that can optimize their income via these sites, such as selling insurance or skin-care products or cosmetics, etc. Illegal bar enticement or promoting overpriced shops selling fake goods are also included in the list.


Some marketers or salesmen may use these sites to manipulate people into spending money on their businesses or products. They take advantage of the person’s low self esteem, then capitalize on it to their advantage.


Finally, some people use dating apps for their ulterior criminal motives by using fake profiles. It’s also known as catfishing, wherein people would create a fictional character using fake photos, financial stability, career, hobbies, experiences, etc. to create an ideal image that would attract many people.


As a result, the victims end up being deceived by ugly freaks hiding behind their social mask. Normally, in real life, the chance of meeting these people and falling prey to them isn’t very high, as they won’t be able to deceive their victims as easily face to face. However, this is very rampant in the virtual world, especially on dating apps.


Truly, dating apps can give rise to many opportunities of finding the perfect partner, but you will definitely need to be vigilant in learning the other person and careful when choosing the right person.


I can say, “It looks easy to find many, but actually difficult to choose wisely among them.”