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Learning Theory: “What’s Life” Through a Tarot


There are many people who like “fortune telling” and there are several types of fortune telling. One of the famous fortune telling is by using a “tarot card,” which I find deeply meaningful to assist in facing our realities.


Tarot card reading uses 78 cards, and each card has a picture, which has its own specific meaning. Today, I will only talk about “The Wheel of Fortune card”, and how it is related to our lives.


In tarot reading, all of the cards have two possible different meanings, depending on how the card is facing when you pick it up – the upward facing position and the downward facing position. The different positions show different meanings.


If “The Wheel of Fortune” card is picked up in the upward/straight facing position, the tarot reader will generally give us a positive message which will normally mean “There’s a big chance something great will come to you very soon.” If “The Wheel of Fortune” card is picked up in the downwards position, then the message will have a negative connotation, such as “something you desire may not come to you soon” or “your expectations will not go well,” etc.


Even if you pick up the card and it’s not straight, fret not about the negative meaning. Tarot readers won’t just tell you “your destiny is getting worse or you having bad luck,” but will warn you that you’re in a bad situation and should find a better path. You then will know to slow down and think over all areas of your life and try to find potential problems, etc,. The important thing in Tarot telling is to think about how to solve problems or consider what kind of action is needed to lead to success by your choices. So, after picking up a card with a “negative” side, we will find a good way or clue on how to make things better.


The tarot prompts the question, “What will you do next?”


The card “Wheel of Fortune” originally says “good things and bad things come together and these are both necessary for us.” Bad luck doesn’t always continue forever, and same with good luck. Things which happen to us, whether they seem good or bad, are necessary. What happens to us isn’t by chance but by destiny.


“Tarot fortune telling” is only one tool to help us think about ourselves. It gives us a chance to ponder our life. No matter whether you choose to use fortune telling in your life or not, what matters most, is to accept that we have to go through ups and downs in life, and be responsible to make decisions. The point in life is to become more happy and balanced.