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🌺Good Comes Out Of Bad Situation- Every cloud has a silver lining


Someone once said, “Even in a bad situation, something good can come out of it.”

I totally agree with this. I also think at times bad situations will help us pave the way into a better life.


I believe people who follow a specific religion might think bad situations are brought on by their gods as lessons.


I can’t deny this belief because it makes sense.


In my opinion, good situations might come from luck. On the other hand, bad situations could happen because of our past behavior or decisions.

Here’s a few examples:

  1. If we don’t ask for help, we could end up handling too much work on our own leading to uncompleted tasks.
  2. If we didn’t choose the right person, then it’s possible unnecessary or bad friends disturb our lives negatively.
  3. If we don’t control our finances, then we could put ourselves in serious dept.
  4. If we always wear rose colored glasses, then we could choose the wrong partner which causes various problems, financial, DV, and more.

Etc., Etc…


Bad situations can result from our decisions and behaviors.


If we have to face a dreadful situation, then we should ask ourselves how we got ourselves in this mess. After considering the mistakes we made and take responsibility for our choices, it will lead us to grow as a person and may even lead to a successful life.


I can say confidently that something good comes out of bad situations.

We have to remember though, our lives are also based on a proverb – “You reap what you sow.” We must take responsibility for what we do, right?


Sometimes, we are faced with misfortunes, or a series of unfortunate events, one after another. Although we don’t do anything bad, we are likely to face such misfortunes, which may even linger for quite a while.


A Shinto priest once said that sometimes bad things come together, and they’re not even associated with our bad karma. Just bad things happen, which are not results of our bad behavior. Generally, bad and good things usually come in turns. But sometimes, bad things continue to happen successively. One possible reason is, it’s not actually a series of unfortunate events, it’s just that people generally forget all the good things that happened and tend to remember only the bad things. So, we say a series of unfortunate events, without any consideration of the good ones.


But, looking at the bright side, we can always learn something new from all of our experiences, no matter if they are good or bad. Each bad experience is a lesson we can use in our lives.