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🌺Why People Tend To Rely On Spirituality?


Some people tend to rely on the spiritual realm for their heart’s desires. So, they often go to spiritual places to get filled with positive energy in order to help attain their dreams involving love, luck, and career. Some people also carry charms or pray to God in hopes that it holds the key to granting their wishes.


Some people definitely received what they wanted after going to sacred places to get positive energy or praying to God. In such cases, these people will testify their beliefs are true and work.


For example: when a person ends up exactly where they want after turning to their spiritual practice – such as someone connecting with the person whom they love, they get a promotion, they start a business successfully, just to name a few – then they will believe their success is credited to their spiritual journey. As long as they get their heart’s desires after visiting these spiritual places, then the rumor, “the positive energy or God helping them works miracles” will spread like wildfire.


Our future is invisible and can leave us feeling insecure; sometimes we don’t know which way we should go. It’s natural that many of us tend to believe in the spiritual realm for guidance.  People with testimonies are living proof that their prayers were heard by God.


In my opinion, whenever we go to such spiritual places or ask God to hear our prayers, we tend to cling strongly to our hopes. As a result, we might feel more confident and relieved, thus causing us to decide on things with a clearer state of mind, and end up more proactive and succeeding in the long run.


Truth be told, it is actually the result of our good decision-making and actions. We did it on our own, didn’t we? It is we alone, who led ourselves to obtain successful results because of our hard work and efforts. Our success is the fruit of our labor.


We should all live a moral life, care about and help others, work hard, etc. So even if we make mistakes and do wrong things at times, we learn from these experiences and move forward, in this way, God will help us when we really really need it.


There is a Japanese proverb, “信じる者は救われる,” which means – “those who believe will be saved” or “he can, who believes he can.” In other words, actively believing in yourself will inspire you to work harder, make better decisions and will lead you to succeed. Based on this proverb, whether you believe in God or just in yourself, it doesn’t matter.


It is important to have something that centers you when dealing with difficult or uncertain situations.   


Photo: A sacred tree in Sumiyoshi Taisha, Osaka