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Why My Husband Doesn’t Say “Thank You” or “I Love You”…?


At the beginning of our relationships, some men try to put their best foot forward and be as romantic as possible. They show their emotions by saying words such as ” I love you”, “Thank you” and “I’m sorry.”


Generally speaking, after marriage, humans tend to change and so does their affection. This may cause worry to some women, and interpret this as falling out of love.


Even though wives are good homemakers (or housewives)  and perfectly do things such as keeping the house clean, cooking with love, raising children, or nursing the elderly family members all (the) while holding down their own jobs as well, the frequency of husband’s gratification gradually decreases as time passes. During marital arguments, even if the husbands are at fault, some of them tend not to admit their mistakes and apologize to their wives. In their married lives, men are prone to hiding feelings and expressing their love through words.


Looking at these marital behaviors, some couples tend to forget why they got married in the first place, and just get lost within themselves with these changes. Some would even go down the path of cheating to fulfill the sadness and emptiness or become addicted to gambling and other vices and go on a downward spiral or the so-called slippery slope.


I once heard the difference between men’s and women’s mindsets; In history, during the primitive ages, men went out to hunt for food, and also protected their families from dangers. On the other hand, women took care of their families at home.


Men tended to be as quiet as possible in order to catch their prey during hunting. On the other hand, women needed to be sociable and keep good relationships among neighbors to help each other by giving tips to maintain a warm household. As a result, they talked with each other, motivated and supported one another as a way of releasing their stress and sympathizing with each other’s feelings.


So due to this, men are inclined to be logical, which was a necessary mindset in hunting, while women tend to be emotional, which was essential to live peacefully. So, from the very beginning, men and women are already dissimilar.


Now, based on these historical viewpoints, you may come to realize that the reason why men tend to be quiet and inexpressive of emotions is that they are responsible for defending and protecting their families; while women tend to talk and show emotions because communication and sympathy are key when taking care of a family.


In conclusion, having an understanding of the psychological and behavioral aspects between men and women matters a lot.


Lastly, on the question of “how can we feel the love?” The answer is “whether we spend time together or not”. Our time, which is limited, is truly valuable and priceless. Being together, whether a weeknight or a weekend, even just staying at home to watch TV together is already a strong manifestation of love. How much time your partner spends with you shows how much he loves and cherishes you.