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🌺When Is The Best Time To Deal With Our Stress?


Some are exhausted because of overworking.

Some are disappointed because of failing their exams.

Some are in despair because of child-rearing challenges.

Some lose all hope because of unemployment.

Some are struggling under a huge amount of dept.


I’m tired of putting up with so many unpleasant things and people.


I’m very exhausted…

And, I suppose some of you are in the same situation as I am – physically and mentally drained.


“I don’t want to go to work tomorrow!” “I wish I could cut ties with them.” These words keep running through my head and overwhelming my mind.


I wish…

I wish…


Then I stop and say to myself, “This is it! I’m on a downward spiral!” I shouldn’t let myself think of such things.”


I know everyone has stress, and we are all struggling to handle our own messes. The more we dwell on things, especially whenever we are tired or desperate, the more we can’t find good solutions and end up getting stuck in a negative loop.


When we are not strong mentally, we can’t find a good solution.


So, the best action plan when we’re at this point is to calm ourselves and wait until we are in better shape, mentally and physically. Only after this step can we even begin to think about how to handle and resolve our stressors.


Well…I know right now is not good timing for me because I’m not in the mental space to handle any problems. So I set my stress aside, give myself a break and try not to think until I become mentally powerful again!