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What Is “Ikiryo” in Japan – Feelings of Animosity


It is said that we humans can have complicated feelings towards others at times. And in Japan, it is believed that as long as we hold feelings of animosity towards others, our soul will depart our body and try to attack these people whom we feel such negative feelings towards.


We call this separated spirit “ikiryo” which when translated means living ghost.


Ikiryo is a sort of energy that can be produced from our bodies when strong negative feelings such as jealousy, resentment, obsession, toxic love and hate become too much for our physical bodies to contain.


As far as I’m aware, if your shoulders feel stiff or burdened for no reason or you suddenly have an overwhelming feeling of depression or sadness and feel so empty inside to the point of wanting to give up. Also, when your PC, mobile phone or other gadgets suddenly stop working, there is a high possibility that you are followed by the ikiryo. This implies that someone is extremely jealous of you or feels another kind of animosity towards you.


Unfortunately, humans are very complicated species and there is no good solution on how to stop or evade ikiryo.


However, every cloud has a silver lining, so on the flip side of this, if you are being followed by an ikiryo, it just means that you are or have something clearly worthy of being jealous of. It is definitive that you are attractive, happy, and have everything that someone else is dying to have.


I think this is something that would make you feel proud of yourself. Be brave and meet your Ikiryo with a smile.


Photo:Even an animal is jealous of others