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🌺We Should Appreciate Any Workers


If you buy some foods, after going back home, realize that a foreign substance was contaminated in the food or a fresh food looked rotten partially, then you would complain strongly to the super market. I understand how stressful it was.

But, actually it must be a hard work for a manager there to keep all foods sustainably safety for 365 days….


In Japan, our logistics conditions can be controlled in room temperature, cool, chilled and frozen.

But, in China, they still don’t have cool, chilled and frozen delivery services. Actually, they have commercial delivery services, meaning bulk delivery services. They don’t cater to private or small deliveries.

It is said that South Asia is challenging to expand delivery services.


I have an acquaintance who imports frozen food from South Asia to Japan. One day, he went there on a business trip because the products they imported had a high microorganism content. What he saw there was, a truck driver who delivered frozen food from a factory to the airport turned off the car engine whenever he had to stop. As the truck had a temperature control system, the temperature wasn’t maintained constantly all throughout the trip.


He didn’t spare time even for sleeping in order to research why the food problem occurred there and report it to the factory. He was also able to educate the local staff members. Upon guaranteeing the food’s safety, he imported them to Japan. Prior to succeeding in importing, he went through a lot of arguments with the locals, while his boss was pushing to expedite the importation. He had been struggling for a long time to handle the relationship with the locals and the unending pressure from his boss. But eventually, he made it.


It is now normal for us to eat imported food here. Although it is often understated that it must be the result of blood, sweat and tears of those people who made importation possible.


So, if you have a shortcoming food unwillingly, you may feel really upset, but try to calm down and claim to the shop kindly as they may change it to the new or fresh one. The partially rotten food must have been fresh when it was displayed in the shop and just you were unlucky. Blame your unlucky, not blame the shop.  


Photo: Some workers will work until late evening for us…