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🌺We Never Know How Hard Workers Work For Us To Live Happily And Comfortably


If you open your eyes, you’ll see safety products surrounding us such as guardrails and barriers that protect us from road traffic as well as, material things such as clothes that make us presentable and protect us from the dangers of dirt and insect bites, or even the fixings on your office or school chairs.


Each of these items are made from scratch by thousands or even millions of factory sweatshop workers who toil around the clock 7days a week to meet their deadlines and quotas. It is also true that we take them for granted, even if we do not admit to them.


All these products were produced by mankind who spent much time in sweatshops chipping away their bodies and souls. Those workers or employees who stayed up all night in their companies or offices to ensure that the items would be imported, exported, created, delivered while dealing with complaints from international and domestic clients sometimes having to sacrifice important family events, their children’s school recitals and in extreme circumstances unable to attend family member ceremonies.


But sometimes we forget to appreciate such things for example spending time at home with our families, socializing with loved ones such as going to movie theatres to laugh or cry with our partners, and even the essential things in life such as the clothes on our back.

Each and every item, including ideas, lectures, advice, nursing, etc, was invented by people who invested their time to share their knowledge, creativity, calculation, negotiating, and confronting ideology that not everyone sees eye to eye on and each of these things have of course undergone countless failures, serious breakdown, or deficit before they were consumed by you.


Now, let’s talk about some cases; if your orders are late being delivered, or if the stable electricity and internet connectivity face outages. Maybe we will not think carefully about the back end of all these services that make our lives easier. Plenty of workers use blood and sweat to work tirelessly and repeatedly to provide comfort for our society.


In such instances, you may lose your patience and complain to the headquarters. Of course, there may be some human errors that we can’t accept, such as not meeting deadlines for any unknown while going to such lengths to provide such services to appease us.


But we should take a moment and think that many of these hardworking people are prepared to continue in their jobs, and some of them probably prioritize their jobs to satisfy you instead of attending their beloved family’s funeral or simply enjoying their own life


Let’s all be patient with one another and remind ourselves that we can only make this a beautiful world if we all come together and assume, “Thanks and apologies are mutual”.