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The Real Meaning Of “I Want To Die…”


Someone hangs by the thread without any hope, eagerness, nor appetite, and just wants to die.


I know some young people – Each of whom have a house, a family, money to live, and a circle of friends. They are neither isolated nor alone. In addition, they have everything they need to live.


But, why do they say they want to die?


 In my opinion, saying “I want to die” really means “I don’t want to die, I want to keep living but I don’t know how to live happily.” With the omission of some words, they would say “I want to die”. Right?


Of the people I was referring to, one thing I understand, is that they might have lost all hope or couldn’t recover from some troubles they experienced in the past.


We humans experience many difficulties and have different approaches on how to deal with them. Some will get over it soon, on the other hand, some might take a long time to move forward. 


If they can learn from their own mistakes or failures, and use these learnings to bounce back, a bright future will lead them to live better.


But…from my personal experience, in order to keep a life worth living, we should create daily little moments of happiness. Simple things like “I’ll go buy fried potatoes tomorrow for lunch” or ” I’ll buy a single flower for myself tomorrow”, having these continuous “something exciting for tomorrow” will provide us joy of living.


Even a little thing can make a miracle and will help us get rid of all negative emotions such as, “I want to be demolished” or “I want to give up on life.”


Sooner or later, they will eventually find a reason for living, and not just surviving.


Who knows, “buying a single flower often” this behavior could lead the person to become motivated to get a flower arrangement certification! After acquiring it, the person may think, I’m glad to be alive!


Photo: They also have something little moments of happiness everyday.