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🌺Reason Why People Argue – learning from the theory of how people illustrate an elephant


One day, I learned a theory on why we argue over many things. Here is an example explaining why.


In India, there was a visually impaired person. He asked his friends what an elephant was and what it looked like.


Mr. A said, “It has a long trunk”

Mr. B said, “Its legs are as large as a tree stump.”

Mr. C said, “Its ears are huge and shaped like a continent.”

Mr. D said, “Its tail is as long as a hosepipe.”


Then, they began to argue, suggesting that each other’s description of the Elephant was more accurate than the other person’s. Bickering like school children do “My description is right” “No, mine is right. You are wrong”.etc.


We may think that everyone was right. They pointed out an elephant’s characteristics in their individual perspectives, and just focused on a single aspect.


They failed to look at the picture of the entire body of the Elephant. Meaning, all of them were right if we look at the animal on a micro-scale.


Why were they arguing? In fact, they were arguing because they were all looking at the image of the elephant from their own perspectives and nobody visualized the whole picture of the elephant.


In our life, romantic relationships, business, raising children, nursing care, education, etc., people look at things from their own perspectives and have their own Philosophies. There are as many reasons, aspects, values, and ways of doing things as there are people in our populations.


If we put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, there may be something we can open our eyes widely to or even admit we are wrong in some circumstances.


The more we grow, and expand and broaden our minds the easier it becomes to see the larger picture.


This is an interesting myth associated with parts of our faces. We have two eyes to discern things, two ears to differentiate, one nose, and two nostrils to distinguish scent. But, why do we only have one mouth? It is not there for us to make excuses…


Photo: I think the rock looks like an elephant’s long trunk…what do you think?