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One Word Too Many


Have you ever experienced the situation when you say “one word too many” and it ended with you hurting someone’s feelings by accident?


As for me, the answer is yes and if you ask me if I’ll do it again, my answer is probably yes.

I would never deliberately hurt someone’s feeling with my words, of course. I don’t want to intentionally hurt my partner, family, friends, colleagues, etc. because they’re important to me. However, there are certain times and situations when we feel the need to speak up and say something important to those we care about. We can’t help but take the risk of potentially hurting or offending those we love even if we know it’s none of our business.


Let’s look at some examples:

1. I’ve witnessed a friend make a terrible mistake in hopes of getting some laughs. He didn’t either care or realize jokes about certain sensitive topics are just not funny. He ended up offending and triggering some hostile emotions from friends and myself. When a man wants his ego stroked, he will go to great lengths to get it even if it possibly hurts people around him. This is a classic situation where some of us will say “one too many words” to him. 


2, When a woman feels jealous of a colleagues’ performance or appearance, she may try to one-up the person and say, “one word too many,” unnecessary or cruel things which only highlights that she’s jealous.  Karma never fails and these actions will eventually come back to her in the future.


3, When many couples argue, they might let their tongue get away from them and say extremely unnecessary comments toward their partner out of anger. This is a classic example of saying “one word too many.”


Words can be both helpful and hurtful. If we use words for our own egotistical needs or self-satisfaction without carefully considering the needs of the other person, then it becomes a weapon we use to hurt and cause injury. As a result, the reply we receive might be “mind your own business and leave me alone.”


Now, let’s discuss how we can stop saying “one word too many.”

Those who unintentionally say “one word too many” tend to be very competitive, prone to jealousy, or hot tempered which leads them to become aggressive. Or, some people are even prone to looking down on others. These behaviors are based on our strong unconscious emotions.


So, if we want to stop this behavior, it’s imperative to realize that whenever we have strong negative emotions, especially anger, jealousy and feelings of insecurities, our tongue is on the ready to say unwanted things and we must learn to guard it.


The mouth is the source of all disaster.

One more thing, these situations of exchanging harsh words will be our biggest trigger.