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Injuries In Our Hearts Shows Our Honor


During our lifetime, there will be many times where we will lose balance in our lives. The harder we work, the more we face serious problems, such as miscommunication problems, make work-related mistakes and chose wrongly. It goes like this, “when it rains, it pours” or in another word, “big problems come in threes”.


There are also some people who don’t seem to work hard and always take the easy way out. They don’t make a lot of mistakes, rather they seem to be lucky sometimes.


In my opinion, it looks like the world is unfair. But, those who work very hard and experience hard times – to the point that their will or desire broke – earn a badge of honor that shows how much they work and the efforts they put into their life.


To tell the truth, exerting so much effort is not always the best way to live. There are times when regardless of how much effort we put into something, success will always be far from our reach.

This is because focusing all our efforts towards a goal makes us become too self-conscious and limits us from thinking out of the box. Our creativity is limited.


But, there is a big big difference between those who work very hard and those who don’t. Definitely, those who work very hard can obtain more opportunities for lucky situations and can avoid many unlucky situations.


The struggles show how much effort the person puts into their life and work. I want people to feel proud of themselves for never running away from problems. Although there are a lot of injuries in your heart, these injuries in your hearts shows your honor, so it’s important to keep working towards your goals.


There is no medicine to cure the injuries engraved in your heart. I don’t think “time” by itself can do the job either. (Waiting idly may be easy, but you have to be active in your healing process.) Because injuries brought upon by a broken heart, are part of your memories, which we can’t manipulate. It is part of who we are.


But, the more positively you live or look into things, the more chances of you completing or achieving everything that you have or want to do. The injuries will become more and more trivial, or even change into different forms. If you think the memory was so miserable that it causes you trauma, as you grow and mature, you can eventually regard it as a good lesson learned.


I believe that bad and painful memories can be peeled off little by little, to the point of being just a “memory” and no longer feeling anything upsetting or hurtful about it.