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Improving Mental Clarity-The Reason Why I Quit Taking The Lesson…


There are many lessons in the world; piano, languages, British tea, dancing, wearing kimonos, and playing golf to name a few.


As long as we enjoy these lessons, we can learn new skills that will ultimately increase our opportunities, whether it be personal or professional. Hobbies can make our lives more fruitful as well as enhance our ability to earn money. Similarly acquiring qualifications have the same affect.


But there are also many difficulties – taking time to go to the place where the activity/hobby is happening, needing a huge amount of money to pay for the activity/ tuition fees. In addition, there are extra costs associated to hobbies activities as well as academic studies. 


As well as the list of requirements outlined above there can also be other factors that prevent us from attending these classes such as personal reasons our health and relationships being just a few.


Talking about my experiences, I started many lessons such as golf, dancing, flower arrangement, the past, but I stopped them in the middle unable to complete or continue them.


My problem is, at the beginning, I started them just because it looked interesting, and they were regarded as my hobby. However, the more I spent time for it, the more I felt obligated to become a professional in the field…then, it didn’t take time for me to lose my interest.


Becoming a professional although can be somewhat appealing the extra time, money and effort required was not. By this I mean sometimes the field or area I was trying to enhance my skills, ultimately was not an industry that was so profitable. Knowing this would not benefit me in the long term was off-putting.


As long as we regard these lessons as hobbies, we can enjoy learning. But, once we begin to look at these lessons with our red-colored glasses – to be professional, to earn money in this field…then we will face the reality. If we feel stressed towards our craft, it’s better to let it go…otherwise we can be caught in a spiral of regret.


Just remember, if we continue to do something we don’t enjoy, it will only affect us negatively in the future.


Photo: I used to learn “flower arrangement”, but I just quit it because…