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🌺How to Change Our Bad Character


Sometimes, we learn that our shortcomings bring about bad results.


These shortcomings can cause us to have bad character traits and may have caused us trouble, such as resulting in our relationships to collapse, our jobs to be jeopardized, our marriage to be strained, or even our lives to be lived under a pile of debt.


All of this is due to hopeless and unacceptable character.


Generally speaking, changing our defect is not easy. Although, no matter how difficult it is to change these flaws, it is not totally hopeless. There is still a chance to change and turn things around. I personally achieved it, so I have confidence to give advice.


Whenever we are in a deep pit of despair or experiencing an extremely miserable situation due to our own shortcomings, please don’t automatically think of it as a hopeless situation. We have a chance to change our bad character traits because we are able to learn to acknowledge the situation and root causes of the problems.


As long as we recognize all the negative aspects in our lives are brought on us by our own bad decisions or behaviors, this acknowledgment may lead us down the path of change by getting rid of our stressful and negative character traits, in order for us to live happily.


Acknowledging the situation is the key factor here, otherwise, we will forever be blinded by our bad-sided selves, and never see an opportunity to get over it and mature. 


Photo:We can start from the bottom even though we are in a bad situation…