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🌺How Couples Meet Isn’t What Matters The Most


When it comes to romantic relationships, we can become fixated on the idea that it is supposed to be brought upon by the winds of destiny.


In reality, there are many situations that may initiate a meeting between two potential partners. These types of situations could be co-workers, introduced by common friends, formal marriage interviews/meetings, instant attractions resulting in hitting on someone, or dating applications, and many more. All of these circumstances pave the way for the start of a blossoming relationship.


Making biased comments about how women should behave may illustrate a person’s reluctance to meet someone in ways that are not old fashion. There are many new paths to starting a relationship – being open to instant attraction to happen and flirting, allowing men to hit on women, or joining dating applications.


But, I think, the most important thing is not how romance starts, but how it grows and flourishes. Liking another person is just the beginning. And as the relationship develops, we’ll realize it’s more important how we build the relationship past the first few meetings.


Of course, there are many factors that determine the success of a relationship – having the same values and mindset, the ability to complement each other’s strengths and compensate each other’s weaknesses, and so on. If we find that special someone whom we love, want to spend the rest of our life with, and deserve our love, then this is our happiness which is more important than how we meet.


Regardless of how it all started, what matters is the present moment and our future together.

How we meet someone isn’t what matters.


・Continuing the relationship without excessive effort.

・Being able to share moments of both happiness and challenges with each other.

These things are some of the things that count the most in our lives we share with someone.