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🌺Did I Marry The Wrong Partner?


“Did I marry the wrong partner?” This question might have crossed the minds of many people in marriage or partnerships at least once. Marriage has its upsides and downsides like any other thing.


Recently, the trend of divorce rates is increasing in Japan. Reasons vary from domestic violence, financial problems, unemployment, no sexual relationship or lack of intimacy to cheating but to name a few.


Even though married life brings about happiness, humans tend to become complacent and forget to appreciate it. We sometimes tend to take our normally happy and peaceful life for granted. As a result, many trivial complaints arise and accumulate which may unfortunately be the trigger of relationship breakdown or even divorce.


When you begin to resent and doubt your choice to marry someone, it would be best to step back and ask yourself ‘what makes this marriage important and what makes me happy?’

Try to reflect on how it changed your life, bringing color and excitement to it rather than finding fault.


As long as there are no issues such as domestic violence, physical and verbal abuse, unacceptable debt, cheating and indiscretions, you can say that your married life is generally peaceful.


If your partner comes home not too late and communicates with you, if you spend time together in peace and quiet or sometimes fun weekends, if both of you take care of each other’s health, that’s happiness that not everyone can have; that’s a home full of love.


As time goes, romance and love will change their forms. These forms don’t last forever. Both you and your partner will grow, but sometimes the speed of growing is different, or even the direction is slightly different.


In the end, having peaceful days is what matters the most.


Photo (The Wedded Rocks in Ise, Japan):

The larger of the two rocks represents the husband and the smaller one represents the wife and these rocks are connected by rope.