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Cutting Ties and Pulling Cavities Feels the Same


In this world, everyone likely experiences the need of “cutting ties,” which may sound something like this – “I want to sever ties with this person” or “I want him to get out of my job.”


The strong desire to cut ties with someone may be due to them causing us to feel stressed whenever we are with them. But, in some cases, we aren’t able to cut ties successfully because either it would not go smoothly or we don’t have a way to get rid of them. 


How to deal with this problem depends on our situation. For example, relating to cutting ties in romantic relationship; we must find the courage to take the first leap to decide to leave the partner. It is up to our courage and effort whether we can take the first step or not.

On the other hand, relating to relationships in the workplace – coworker relationships are not always easy because people from different walks of life are thrown together in a company’s organization and it’s culture.


However, I can say that good timing to sever a relationship may come some day! So, the only thing we can do is just to be patient until the right time comes. If the opportunity arises to end a relationship, we should seize the chance by talking to the boss, discussing the problems with the human resource division, etc.


Someone once told me that the concept of “cutting ties” is the same as “getting a cavity removed.”


If we leave a cavity unremoved, it will continue to damage our teeth, more so our overall health. In analogy, if we keep staying with people whom we want to cut ties with, it will make us stressed and is bad for our overall health as well. And when we try to have the cavity removed, it may take a long time or be accompanied by pain.


Same goes with cutting ties – it may be long, difficult and painful. But once it is removed, we will feel very comfortable and peaceful.


Cutting ties doesn’t always go smoothly. Sometimes, it takes a long time to resolve or is bothersome.


Ever since I’ve heard this analogy, whenever I face relationship problems and find myself needing to cut ties with someone, I encourage myself by remembering – “Comfort awaits when I have my cavity removed.”


Photo:Ema (in Japanese” are small wooden plates used by Shinto and Buddhist worshippers to write their wishes on. Someone might write something like “Please let me break up with him.”…