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🌺Battle Against Yourself: Reason Is Obsession, Solution Is Releasing


In different facets of our lives, whether it be work, love, or hobbies, we might experience challenging times and feel depressed.


Whatever difficult experiences encountered within life such as golf, cooking or playing the piano, everything doesn’t always fall into place. It’s natural for humans to go through negative situations, especially when things don’t go according to planned, no matter how much effort we put into it, or even when we cut ties with people around us.


This is an unavoidable part of life. We can’t evade this and must deal with it as it comes.


All actions are accompanied by sacrifice. It may take a huge amount of sacrifice in order for us to bring our desires to reality, whether it may be in terms of work, love, family or any aspect of our life. But of course, reality is not just a walk in the park.


There are moments that no matter how much effort, labor, resources and money we invest, there are still things we can’t accomplish. But dwelling on these cases just brings us annoyance and wasted energy. We tend to be fixated on others and how they affect us.


Although it’s difficult not to be fixated on aspects outside our control.


In conclusion, in order to overcome negative feelings such as failures, frustrations, sadness, whether it is something we have experienced in the past or something we are experiencing at the moment, we should not allow ourselves to get drowned in negative thoughts. The more we overthink, the weaker we feel at the knees and strain to stand. It holds us back and stops us from moving forward.


These anxious moments occur when we have a lot of idle time. But, just remember: There’s no point in overthinking and drowning oneself with these thoughts because if there is really a solution, you would have found it already in your brain with all the time you spent dwelling on it. It is important not to let yourself drown in overthinking. This is possible by making yourself useful and physically preoccupied. Keep yourself busy by doing activities such as cleaning, doing chores, run errands, or try something new.


Don’t let yourself be idle and get stuck in thinking the same thoughts over and over again. Being preoccupied might ease your mental stress and divert your thoughts to something more positive.


Then, you will find yourself maturing.


There is one more thing I want to say. “Let it go” is one of the most effective actions.


It doesn’t hurt to ask help or end something.


For example, if there are responsibilities you can’t finish, then ask someone for help. Or if you feel that you are in an unhealthy relationship, then don’t be afraid to cut ties.


Letting go of the things that kills your joy helps you move forward towards new beginnings.