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🌺An Unwanted Favor and an Unwelcomed Favor Become Embarrassing


Some people intentionally give advice or try to help but don’t end up helping at all.


They may say, “This is for your sake,” or “This will be good for you,” they are really only helping themselves. Their advice will not help you find your personal desires or make your dreams come true.


These kinds of people only want to feel better about themselves. I believe their advice unintentionally hurts people.


Imagine, when we refuse to follow a suggestion and patiently explain ourselves, we will get verbally attacked.


However, they refuse to listen to our opinions and insist that we follow suggestions. This shows their character – it’s not to see us succeed but to hear themselves talk.


 We need to agree that when someone says “it’s for your sake”, unwanted favors or advice is going to follow.  If a friend asks you for your advice clearly: “what do you think about this,” “what should I do,” etc., then feel free to help and share your ideas, opinions, thoughts and advice.


Remember to ask yourself – Are you sure you’re helping or giving advice to others because you want to see them truly succeed?


Are you sure the help you are giving is for their benefit and not your benefit?


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