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🌺 Is Your Marriage Approved by Anyone? – Your Marriage Life May Be in Danger…


Today’s topic is about what we will do when we intend to marry someone whom our loved ones don’t approve of, especially for women.


There are many different reasons as to why people may disagree with the marriage.

The most common reasons are as followed:

1.The potential husband is unemployed with no plans for work or has any clear direction for financially supporting his potential wife.

2.Unpleasant appearance; a hooligan, etc.- I believe how a person looks reflects their personality.

3.The partner himself/herself is okay, but there are serious issues involving his/her family members such as being buried in debt or having a criminal record.

4. Accusations of robbing the cradle – couples with a significant huge age gap.


In addition, there is also a slim chance of someone disagreeing with the marriage solely because of apparent jealousy.


Generally, why we disagree with a marriage, especially our loved ones’, is because we’re “putting ourselves in their shoes,“ thinking about the “what ifs,” and “If I were you” scenarios. These feelings are based on personal experiences.


But, I think, as long as the couple is willing to change and adapt their circumstances, such as changing their attitude, ways of living, etc. they may be able to turn things around and change their fate positively.


It’s true that we don’t know what will happen in our lives. Even young people experience unexpected deaths. Incurable disease or accidents can happen unexpectedly. Some may go through a period of unemployment or financial downturns. And, some couples who used to have a sweet and loving relationship might take a turn for the worst and experience a violent, bitter and destructive disconnection/relationship.


These are illustrations that life is sometimes unexpected. It doesn’t always go with the way we expect it to be. But the key to living, is being able to adapt to these unexpected things.


If someone will go on getting married in spite of their loved ones’ warnings and disapprovals, as long as they will take all the responsibilities and risks of failures on their own, without having the need to rant to anybody how much they regret their decision, then no one will be opposed to the marriage.


No one agree with your marriage? Then, prove that your happy married lives in logical way!


Photo: “A Couple Cedar” in Kifune shrine, Kyoto, Japan, where two cedars have grown from the same root.