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🌺 Different Ways Of Loving – Learning From the story “The gift of the Magi”


No matter how much couples love each other, they still argue, don’t they? Both of them love each other deeply, but sometimes, their behavior and thoughts toward each other may cause them to hurt or be hurt.


Do you know the story “The gift of the Magi” by O. Henry? It tells the story of a poor couple.


One Christmas, they both wanted to buy a heartful present for each other, but unfortunately, neither of them had enough money to afford a gift. The husband had a gold watch, which he cherished a lot, so she sold her long beautiful hair to buy a platinum-fob chain for him. And, he sold his gold watch in order to buy a comb for his wife, as he knew his wife wanted a comb.


On Christmas day, as they exchanged presents, the wife already cut her hair and the husband already didn’t have the gold watch. But, both of them accepted their gifts and appreciated the others thoughtfulness and sacrifice.


Why is the title of this story is “The Wise’ gift”? I think, it is because this couple gave each other a heartful and thoughtful present, not just any item that’s bought with money. Both of them looked carefully at what the partner really wanted.


What does your partner say to you, or what behavior does your partner show to you? For me, as long as he has thoughtful intentions, then why wouldn’t I take it as a positive meaning. At the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts.


I want to emphasize that there is one important condition – Look at your partners’ needs carefully, the same way the couple in the story did for each other. Look at what makes your partner happy and put it above your own needs and desires. Otherwise, things will not go well.


I find that “loving” and “sacrificing” brings a couple an enjoyable future. Her hair will grow and she will one day be able to use the gift her husband sacrificed to get her, the comb. And, although, he doesn’t have a watch and can’t use his wife’s gift, the chain, perhaps one day she will be able to buy his repurchase his watch for him. No matter what happens, they will have a lot of fun and an enjoyable future together.


Photo:Tomorrow, when we spend together, can become happier than today.